NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 05-19-1997
Age: 17
ID#: 8030101623
Race/ Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Gender: Girl
Updated: 10-26-2012
Meet our Kids
Jennifer is a spirited and adventurous young lady with a zest for life. She is an open-minded person who isnít afraid to try new things. Jennifer is helpful and doesnít mind doing chores. Those who know her agree with Jenniferís description of herself as smart and funny. She has a great sense of humor and a smile that can light up a room. Jennifer is an athletic teen who likes to play many different sports but basketball is her favorite. In school, Jennifer could use some encouragement to stay on and complete her assigned tasks but she is otherwise a decent student. Jennifer likes to help younger children and would like to be an obstetrician when she grows up. For now she is content to volunteer at a local childrenís hospital where she talks to younger children. Jennifer has made tremendous progress over the past year in her ability to express her feelings. However, she would benefit from having a family that can continue to work on this with her and provide adequate structure and guidance. The ideal family will be patient, loving and have experience with children with emotional issues.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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