NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 11-27-2006
Age: 8
ID#: B050101659
Race/ Ethnicity: West Indian
Gender: Girl
Updated: 10-15-2013
Meet our Kids
Tyena is a very sweet natured and cheerful little girl who can easily engage people around her. At the same time she shows great respect for her surroundings and people in her space. Tyena has big dark brown eyes and a beautiful smile that reflects her personality when she giggles and smiles from playing, singing and enjoys the company of her siblings. She is very protective of her two younger siblings. She is naturally playful and spontaneous and is very at ease in the company of her sisters and brother. Even though she is the second oldest of the sibling group she can easily become the leader. She shows much interest in checking what everyone else is doing. Some of Tyena’s other strengths are her intelligence, creativity and signing abilities. She wants to become a doctor to help those children who are sick.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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