NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 03-17-2009
Age: 5
ID#: B050101660
Race/ Ethnicity: West Indian
Gender: Girl
Updated: 10-15-2013
Meet our Kids
Alyson is an endearing 4 year old with big expressive eyes and an infectious smile that lights up any room. Some of her favorite activities are playing with her two older sisters and her 2 year old brother. She loves to sing with her sisters and also enjoys playing dress up with them. Alyson is affectionate and sweet, especially towards her siblings. She loves the outdoors - going to the park, riding her bike and other open-air activities. Alyson is well-behaved and is very good in following her older sisters’ instructions and guidance. She also shows interest in providing help to her younger brother. Alyson is open to new experiences and enjoys exploring her surroundings. She would benefit from a two parent household with large extended family support.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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