NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 02-25-1997
Age: 17
ID#: B070101645
Race/ Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Boy
Updated: 06-27-2013
Meet our Kids
Jamel is an energetic and outgoing teen with a unique sense of humor. Those closest to him say he is a good kid that follows the rules and likes to be the life of the party in social settings. Jamel can be outspoken and marches to the beat of his own drum. He is open to personal development and direction from others. And when he puts his mind to something, he is doesn’t give up until he is successful. Jamel enjoys playing sports and video games, watching movies and listening to gospel and rap music. When he grows up, Jamel says he would like to become a DJ. Although he is making progress, Jamel could use some support and encouragement with his studies. He has the ability to do really well but needs help staying focused on the task at hand. Jamel has had many disappointments in the past and these experiences have caused him to have difficulty forming new connections. But he is open to trusting again and desperately wants to be a part of a family. Jamel needs a strong male figure and siblings that can offer him guidance as role models. He would also benefit from having a family that has strong values and an abundance of patience and emotional fortitude.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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