NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 08-10-2002
Age: 12
ID#: B070101679
Race/ Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Gender: Girl
Updated: 06-10-2014
Meet our Kids
Ruth has a curious, friendly and engaging personality. This cheerful young lady enjoys all activities related to Dora the Explorer. This includes accessing Dora the Explorer website and also playing with dolls and stuffed animals. She recently visited a Dora the Explorer exhibit at the Children’s Museum. Ruth has a healthy appetite and enjoys McDonalds and Chinese food. This 6th grader has been making progress in developing her academic and peer interaction skills. Ruth is currently working on writing her name. The ideal family for Ruth will be able to give Ruth unconditional love while being able to consistently redirect her to ensure that she remains safe. As Ruth continues to learn how to understand and express her feelings while working towards communicating with others, the best family will be there to support, guide and teach her.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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