NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 11-19-1997
Age: 17
ID#: J100101518
Race/ Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Gender: Girl
Updated: 04-05-2010
Meet our Kids
The first thing you notice about Doris is her appearance--but she is much more than just a pretty face! She is a friendly, outgoing girl with a great sense of humor. Doris is charming, smart and can advocate for herself. She does well with one-on-one attention and is eager to please. Doris is also inquisitive and isn’t afraid to ask questions. Doris is doing well in school and names English class as her favorite subject. She is of Cuban descent and is very interested in learning more about her culture. Like most girls her age, Doris likes to spend time with her friends and go places. But she is also a focused young lady and is concerned about her future. Doris says she is interested in being a veterinarian or a judge when she grows up. Doris has a whole lifetime of learning and growing to do but needs the right family to guide her. She describes a family as people who are “loyal, loving and won’t give up on me.” She needs a family that will set a good example for her and help her discover and be happy with the amazing young woman she is. In order to maintain contact with her brother, only local families will be considered.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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