NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 10-25-1998
Age: 16
ID#: N050101624
Race/ Ethnicity: Multi Racial
Gender: Boy
Updated: 10-26-2012
Meet our Kids
Khalil is a reserved teen boy with an amazing smile. Donít let his guarded demeanor fool you. He is friendly but he doesnít give his affections easily. Trust is earned with Khalil but he is willing to give people a chance. Khalil describes himself as honest, artistic and athletic; and those who know him best agree. He prefers the company of adults than his peers and he does best one-on-one. Khalil is a creative teen who likes to work with his hands. Whether itís drawing cartoons or building model airplanes, he enjoys anything where he can be hands-on and learn how things work. When he grows up, Khalil says he would like to be an engineer so that he can build things that help other people. For now, he spends his free time playing sports and drawing. Khalil has been disappointed in the past and so he is hesitant when it comes to forming bonds with new people. But he is still open to the idea and willing to try. He wants a family more than anything else and hopes they will see what a great kid he is. The ideal family for Khalil will have older siblings he can look up to and time and energy to invest in building a relationship with him.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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