NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 10-13-2004
Age: 10
ID#: N050101633
Race/ Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Gender: Boy
Updated: 02-26-2013
Meet our Kids
Jason and Shawn are friendly boys with pleasant demeanors and easy smiles. Shawn, the younger brother, is more outgoing than Jason and usually scouts out new situations first before either of them join in. He is protective of Jason, who has minor developmental delays. The boys have many things in common such as a love of Harry Potter books and the cartoon Spongebob. But they are also different in some ways and need a family who can see what makes each of them special. Jason is a bright child with a talent for figuring out how things work. He likes working with his hands and building things. Jason is doing well in school and says math is his favorite subject. For fun he likes to play video games and sports with his brother and their friends. Shawn is an active child with boundless energy. He likes to play sports and video games and he loves animals. In school, he says that he likes all of his subjects and is doing well in his third grade class. When he grows up, he would like to be a firefighter so that he can save people. Jason and Shawn have only had each other their whole lives and would like to find a family that can care for both of them. They need a family who is willing to meet and accept each of them where they are now and who can see what they can be in the future.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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