NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 01-27-1997
Age: 17
ID#: P100101552
Race/ Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Boy
Updated: 11-17-2010
Meet our Kids
Thoughtful and kind-hearted, Joshua is a sweet kid with a big heart. He is affectionate, friendly and gets along well with others. Although he can be shy at times, Joshua warms up quickly and is often the life of the party. He is popular with his peers and makes friends easily. Joshua is remarkably candid when he speaks about himself and the experiences he has had. He has opted to learn from his past rather than let it determine his future. In school, Joshua names math his favorite subject and wants to be a math teacher when he grows up. Like most boys his age, Joshua likes using the computer and watching television. His other interests include a love of sports and animals of all kinds. Joshua also likes to write poetry and draws inspiration from his life experiences. When he grows up, he says if he can’t be a math teacher, he might like to be a veterinarian instead. It is hard not to be drawn in by Joshua’s honesty and charismatic personality. And yet he is still waiting and hoping for a family with people who will take him to ball games and encourage him to dream. The ideal family for Joshua would be able to provide him with lots of love, affection and attention.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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