NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 08-18-1992
Age: 22
ID#: P150101630
Race/ Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Boy
Updated: 01-29-2013
Meet our Kids
James is a bright young man with a good head on his shoulders. He is thoughtful and insightful about his life experiences and his future. Those closest to James admire his tenacity and passion for life. Whatever he puts his mind to do, he accomplishes. And he does it with a dose of humor and even at his own expense. His laidback and calm demeanor make James easy to talk to and get along with. James is currently a sophomore in college and studying environmental science and politics. He strives to be a good student and is doing well in all of his classes. But James isnít all work and no play. He also enjoys writing a blog on issues that are important to him as well as traveling and taking pictures. James knows the importance of community service and can often be found volunteering for various causes. After he graduates, James hopes to attend law school and work in local government on issues pertaining to environmental justice. Despite not having a family for support, James has managed to not only do well, he has excelled. He has managed to graduate from high school, complete internships in local government, and get into a good college. But even with all of his success, he admits that things could be better if he had a family to share his accomplishments with. James is open to finding a family that is willing to accept him for who he is and support his goals and dreams.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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