NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 12-25-2001
Age: 13
ID#: U020101583
Race/ Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Girl
Updated: 08-05-2011
Meet our Kids
Crystal is a sweet girl who needs a very special family. She is completely non-verbal and does not express any type of emotion. Although she has some significant delays, Crystal recognizes her caregivers and can be affectionate towards them. Sometimes she wants to be hugged and cuddled but at other times she prefers her space. Crystal can initially appear afraid but does eventually warm up to new people who speak to her in soothing tones. Since she does not make any noise at all, Crystal will need a family that can learn to read her body language in order to determine her needs. She prefers quiet spaces and seems to like to sit still and observe her surroundings. Crystal’s favorite pastime is to sit curled up with her favorite stuffed animal but she would benefit from having a family that will expose her to new experiences and challenge her to leave her comfort zone. Crystal can walk with some difficulty but uses her stroller for long distances. She will need assistance with all basic functions for the rest of her life. With a child like Crystal, it is easy to focus on the things she cannot do. But that would be a mistake. She is a loving little girl who deserves a family that will care for her and encourage her to learn new things. The ideal family will be able to recognize and appreciate all those little things that are great accomplishments for a child with the challenges that Crystal faces. They also must be willing to advocate on her behalf for the services she will need. In return, Crystal offers unconditional love and gratitude.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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