NYC Administration for Children&quots Services
Born: 01-27-1997
Age: 17
ID#: U040101666
Race/ Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Boy
Updated: 12-23-2013
Meet our Kids
Gregory or “Prince” as he likes to be called loves to laugh. He is talkative and very thought provoking. He would like to be a professional music artist when he grows up. However his skills and talent are also suited for the fields of journalism and creative writing. Currently, he is in the 11th grade and his favorite subject is literary arts, which includes poetry, music, and creative writing. Gregory is a very open minded and imaginative youth, who describes himself as quiet, smart and collected. In his spare time he likes to write poetry, dance and write music. Gregory loves experiencing different places and would like to go to Alaska one day. The older of two siblings, Gregory would love a home for him and his brother to succeed. Ideally Gregory sees family as having a “comfortable place where you want to be” and family type is not important to him if they are loving and supportive.  Illustration of a Butterfly
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